Florian Schmale

photographic moments of life


The impermanence of life is something we easily forget. Our environment is always changing, taking new shapes and forms and things which look solid and eternal can be gone in the next moment.

Life is perceived as a steady flowing stream of time, one present moment after the other. Capturing one of these moments is the magic of photography. It is to freeze time, to freeze the moment and to draw it, with the help of light, on a piece of paper (or nowadays on a computer screen).

My way of life brings me to many places and allows me to have close encounters with all sorts of people. The camera is a tool for me to document and keep these experiences in a material form – and not only through memories in my mind.

Here I want to show some of my best photographs – most of them were taken during the last years on an epic quest to travel around the world on a bicycle.

If you are interested in licensing or printing one of these pictures, or just want to know the story behind them, send me a message .